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Battery Dukaan is created as a simple and quick method for one to purchase batteries at competitive costs either online or via phone. Our costs quoted by web or by phone are completely inclusive of GST. We import batteries directly from the certified suppliers, enabling the consumer, you, to reap the benefits of not only exceptionally competitive costs but also by having direct access to superior quality products.

We’re among the Hyderabad fastest growing stored energy suppliers and we’re committed to supplying complete advice as well as an excellent product variety in a price point that is highly competitive.

Purchasing a car battery with us could not be more easy, we plan to make the procedure straightforward and as easy as possible.

We pride ourselves in supplying our quality products across a wide selection of applications and customers. We work hard to furnish an efficient service to all our customers, from large industrial organizations and battery wholesalers.

We work using a team of highly competent professionals, we represent the most well-known brands of Automotive Batteries and your order is delivered by us in time and the requested date.


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We go through extensive training so that we may provide you with the knowledge you need to make an educated decision in choosing the right batteries that is right for your vehicle and lifestyle.

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